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Carmans River

A Day in the Life
of the Nissequogue River

Nissequogue River Data:

Nissequogue River Salinity

Headwaters Smithtown Bay

School Site Salinity
Gelinas Jr. High SchoolOld Stump Pond South0
Stony Brook SchoolNorthwest Branch @ Stump Pond0
The Stony Brook School Northwest Branch @ Miller Pond County Park0
Stony Brook SchoolNorthwest Branch @ Terrace Ln4.66
Gelinas Jr. High SchoolSpill Way0
Gelinas Jr. High SchoolHistorical Mill 0
Northport High SchoolCaleb Smith State Park - Gate0
Northport High SchoolCaleb Smith State Park - Lake0
RC Murphy Jr. High SchoolPaul T. Given County Park1.05
Harbor Country Day SchoolLanding Avenue Town Park3.3
Avalon ParkOld Thatch Rd.
Smithtown East High SchoolShort Beach25
Brentwood High SchoolNissequogue River State Park30
Kings Park High SchoolKings Park Town Beach25
Sachem North High SchoolSunken Meadow State Park35.3

Nissequogue River
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